Before I came I felt money was not an issue for me, and I was not aware of the nature of self talk that was limiting me. Now I have an awareness of my limiting beliefs and a reliable way to free myself of them myself.

Libby Comeaux

Before I came here I believed that money issues were fear-based not to share with others. A feeling that others might see me in a negative way. Now I know that these issues can be "handled" via a systematic way that can be accepting and valuable to all.


Before I came I thought "I have to work too hard and do what I don't want to do to make the $$ I want to." I no longer think this and experienced a lightness and hopefulness.


Before I came I understood the concept that $$ was a form of psychological energy, but now I grasp that $$ and Essence are a single dynamic reality.

Dan Sage

Before I came I believed that external forces were the reason I felt uncomfortable making important life decisions with money. Now I realize limiting beliefs from my family of origin are simply irrational beliefs that blocked the flow of energy and money in my life. I feel relieved and confident this process has set me free.

Kathy Wallace

Before I came to this workshop I had somewhat of a feeling of being trapped in my circumstance. By this I mean not only my financial circumstance, but my relationships, work and (lack of) fun. Afterword I felt more open to possibilityand more confident in my ability to experience more fully.


Before I came I was seeking ways to bring more money into my life to alleviate the fear of running out. Now I realize that abundance is not about money but money is only a reflection, that abundance for me is found in love, compassion and my fellow man and how I relate. I recognize that money itself never really bought me happiness I sought.

Peter Wein

Before I came today I thought I had gone as far as I could to improve my money situation. Afterwords I knew that I had addressed and removed some serious negative beliefs that were blocking the flow of money into my life. Thanks!

Susan Bickel

Before I came I was an open/skeptic, but I learned a lot and believe I have cleared some obstacles to my abundance.

JP - Psychotherapist

This has helped me understand some of my limiting beliefs. I know this is a practice that has to continue if I want to make changes. I also understand that it is important to pay attention to the emotions triggers that come along with a thought belief. Always the question what is true or not. Thank you.


Before I came to COINS I knew I wanted to change my life course and a modest but important way. Now I know I can do it despite obstacles that would stop most people. I also I'm excited to make money again something that disappeared for the past six years.

Patricia M.


Before I came I had blocked energy around being rich that hs decreased significantly.

Aleia Schaum


...I had several insights that I think will lead to change -- for example, how secretive I feel about my financial situation, [and] how closely related my money and food complexes are, how unsafe I feel in the universe.



Before I came, I had these beliefs about money:

  • That if I want more, I have to work harder and more.

  • That I [only] need enough of it.

After the workshop, I have these beliefs about money:

  • That if I want more, I can also invest and negotiate.

  • That I can have more than enough.



Before I came I thought not working for pay would be frightening. When I left I realized that not having structure was frightening. I was not able to envision how I could create my own structure in retirement. Now I can.

Dottie Lamm


Before I came today, I had many limiting beliefs around money. These beliefs caused a lot of emotional turmoil, including fear, andxiety and sadness.

After the day long workshop, I have much less tension and emotional stress. Situations seem less daunting and goals more attainable. Thank you Laurie & Jonathan.



Before I attended the COINS Workshop, I believed that some past events would possibly limit my success in the future. I discovered that trust in myself was, in fact, possible again and making decisions regarding money, i.e., that I could trust myself to make wise investments.



Before I came, I had the belief that thoughts about money are true or false. After I finished the workshop, I changed this belief to know that all thoughts are just thoughts, they come and go, and are not solid, they can be changed.